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Sony MDRXB800 Headphones: A Comprehensive Review


The Sony MDRXB800 headphones are designed to cater to bass enthusiasts who crave a deep, immersive audio experience. Known for their extra bass (XB) capabilities, these headphones promise a rich, thumping sound that enhances the listening experience, particularly for genres like EDM, hip-hop, and other bass-heavy music. In this review, we will delve into the specifications, performance, and overall user experience of the Sony MDRXB800, highlighting its pros and cons to help you determine if these headphones are the right fit for you.

Sony MDR-XB800


  • Driver Unit: 50mm dynamic dome type
  • Frequency Response: 4 Hz – 24,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 106 dB/mW
  • Impedance: 24 ohms at 1 kHz
  • Max Input Power: 3000 mW
  • Cable Length: 1.2 meters (approx. 3.9 feet)
  • Plug: L-shaped gold-plated stereo mini plug
  • Weight: Approximately 305 grams (10.76 ounces) without cable
  • Design: Over-ear (circumaural), closed-back
  • Earcup Material: Soft synthetic leather
  • Headband: Adjustable, padded

Design and Build Quality

The Sony MDRXB800 boasts a sleek, modern design that is both visually appealing and functional. The over-ear, closed-back design ensures good sound isolation, allowing users to immerse themselves in their music without much external interference. The earcups are generously padded with soft synthetic leather, providing a comfortable fit even during extended listening sessions. The headband is also padded and adjustable, catering to different head sizes and ensuring a secure fit.

The build quality of the MDRXB800 is commendable, with sturdy materials that promise durability. The headphones feel solid and well-constructed, with a mix of matte and glossy finishes that give them a premium look. Despite their robust build, they are relatively lightweight, making them suitable for long-term use without causing discomfort.

Sound Quality

Bass: The standout feature of the Sony MDRXB800 is its bass performance. Equipped with large 50mm drivers, these headphones deliver a powerful, deep bass that is both tight and impactful. The extra bass technology enhances the lower frequencies, making these headphones ideal for bass-heavy genres. The bass is pronounced without being overwhelmingly boomy, maintaining a good balance that ensures clarity and detail.

Midrange: The midrange frequencies are well-represented, with vocals and instruments sounding clear and distinct. The bass does not overshadow the mids, which is crucial for a well-rounded listening experience. While the mids are not as forward as in some other headphones, they maintain a presence that complements the overall sound signature.

Treble: The treble is crisp and detailed, adding brightness to the sound without causing harshness. The high frequencies are clear and extend well, providing a good sense of space and airiness. This ensures that the headphones can handle a wide range of genres, not just bass-heavy tracks.

Soundstage and Imaging: The soundstage of the MDRXB800 is decent for closed-back headphones, offering a sense of space that is immersive but not overly wide. Imaging is precise, allowing listeners to discern the placement of instruments and vocals within the sound field. This enhances the overall listening experience, making the music feel more dynamic and engaging.

Comfort and Fit

omfort is a key consideration for any pair of headphones, and the Sony MDRXB800 does not disappoint. The soft earcups and padded headband ensure that the headphones can be worn for extended periods without causing discomfort. The over-ear design helps distribute the weight evenly, and the adjustable headband allows for a customized fit.

The earcups are large and spacious, accommodating different ear sizes comfortably. The synthetic leather material feels soft against the skin and does not cause irritation, even after prolonged use. However, the closed-back design can lead to some heat buildup during long listening sessions, which may cause slight discomfort for some users.

Portability and Convenience

While the MDRXB800 is not the most portable due to its size, the headphones do feature a foldable design that makes them easier to store and transport. The 1.2-meter cable is of a practical length for everyday use, although it is not detachable, which could be a drawback for some users. The L-shaped gold-plated plug ensures a secure connection and reduces the risk of damage

Sony MDR-XB800

Key Features :

Enhanced Bass Performance

Extra Bass Technology: Engineered to deliver deep, powerful, and punchy bass, these headphones are ideal for bass enthusiasts and those who enjoy bass-heavy music genres like EDM, hip-hop, and more.

50mm Driver Units: Large driver units that provide a robust and resonant bass response without overwhelming the midrange and treble frequencies.

Comfortable Design

Over-Ear Design: Large, cushioned ear cups that cover the entire ear, providing good noise isolation and comfort during extended listening sessions.

Adjustable Headband: A cushioned and adjustable headband ensures a snug and comfortable fit for different head sizes.

Soft Ear Pads: Plush, leather-like ear pads that feel comfortable against the skin and help create a good seal for enhanced bass.

Build and Portability

Swivel Design: Ear cups can swivel flat, making it easier to store and carry the headphones when not in use. This feature is particularly useful for DJs and travelers.

Detachable Cable: The headphones come with a detachable cable, which can be easily replaced if damaged. The level link configuration diminishes tangling.

In-line Remote and Microphone

Built-In Remote and Mic: Allows you to take calls and control music playback directly from the headphones without needing to reach for your device. This feature is particularly convenient for smartphone users.

Overall Sound Quality

Balanced Sound Signature: Despite the emphasis on bass, the headphones offer clear and detailed midrange and crisp treble, providing a well-rounded sound profile suitable for various music genres.

Decent Noise Isolation: While not equipped with active noise cancellation, the over-ear design and cushioned ear pads provide good passive noise isolation.

Durability and Aesthetics

Sturdy Build Quality: A combination of high-quality plastic and metal components ensures the headphones are durable and can withstand regular use.

Sleek Design: A modern and stylish look with a predominantly black color scheme accented by metallic highlights, making them visually appealing.

Pros and Cons


  1. Exceptional Bass Performance: The standout feature of the MDRXB800 is its deep, powerful bass that enhances the listening experience for bass-heavy genres.
  2. Comfortable Design: The soft earcups and padded headband ensure a comfortable fit, making these headphones suitable for long listening sessions.
  3. Solid Build Quality: Sturdy construction and quality materials promise durability and a premium feel.
  4. Clear and Detailed Sound: Despite the emphasis on bass, the headphones deliver clear mids and crisp treble, offering a balanced sound profile.
  5. Stylish Aesthetics: The sleek design and combination of matte and glossy finishes make the headphones visually appealing.


  1. Heat Buildup: The closed-back design can cause heat buildup during extended use, potentially leading to discomfort.
  2. Non-Detachable Cable: The fixed cable can be a drawback, limiting portability and convenience.
  3. Limited Portability: Despite the foldable design, the large size of the headphones makes them less portable compared to more compact options.
  4. Potential Bass Overpowering: For users who prefer a more neutral sound profile, the pronounced bass might be overwhelming.

Comparison :

Sony MDR-XB800 vs Sony XB900n

Sony MDR-XB800
Features Sony MDR-XB800 Sony XB900n
Over-ear, Swivel design
Over-ear, Swivel and foldable design
Driver Size
Frequency Response
3 Hz – 28,000 Hz
20 Hz – 20,000 Hz (wired)
Bass Enhancement
Extra Bass technology
Extra Bass technology
Noise Cancellation
Yes, digital noise cancellation
Yes, Bluetooth 4.2
Battery Life
N/A (Wired)
Up to 30 hours (with NC on)
Quick Charge
Yes, 10 mins charge for 60 mins playback
Touch Controls
Built-in Microphone
In-line Remote
No (touch controls on ear cups)
App Support
Yes, Sony Headphones Connect app
Approximately 280 grams
Approximately 254 grams
Colors Available
Black, Blue
Price Range
$150 - $200 USD
$200 - $250 USD

Key Difference :

  1. Wireless Capability and Noise Cancellation:

    • The XB900N is wireless with Bluetooth 4.2 and features digital noise cancellation, making it more versatile for on-the-go use and in noisy environments.
    • The MDR-XB800 is a wired-only model and does not include noise cancellation.
  2. Battery Life:

    • The XB900N offers up to 30 hours of battery life with noise cancellation on and features a quick charge capability.
    • The MDR-XB800, being a wired headphone, does not require a battery.
  3. Controls:

    • The XB900N features touch controls on the ear cups, providing easy access to music playback and calls.
    • The MDR-XB800 has a built-in in-line remote and microphone for controlling music and calls.
  4. App Support:

    • The XB900N is compatible with the Sony Headphones Connect app, allowing for customizable sound settings and updates.
    • The MDR-XB800 does not have app support.
  5. Portability:

    • Both models have a swivel design, but the XB900N also folds for easier storage and portability.
  6. Sound Customization:

    • The XB900N offers more customization options through the app, including equalizer settings and ambient sound control.
    • The MDR-XB800 focuses on delivering enhanced bass without additional customization options.

Recommendation : Sony MDR-XB800

If you’re a bass enthusiast looking for a pair of headphones that deliver deep, punchy, and well-defined bass, the Sony MDR-XB800 is a fantastic choice. These headphones are designed specifically for those who crave a powerful bass response without sacrificing the overall sound quality.

Key Highlights:

  • Exceptional Bass Performance: The Sony MDR-XB800 excels in providing an enhanced bass experience. With its 50mm driver units and Extra Bass technology, these headphones deliver a rich, deep, and immersive bass that is perfect for genres like EDM, hip-hop, and other bass-heavy music.

  • Comfortable Design: The over-ear design with large, cushioned ear cups ensures a comfortable fit, even during extended listening sessions. The adjustable headband and plush ear pads provide a snug and secure fit, making these headphones ideal for long-term use.

  • Robust Build Quality: Constructed with high-quality materials, the MDR-XB800 offers durability and longevity. The combination of plastic and metal components ensures that these headphones can withstand regular use without compromising on comfort or aesthetics.

  • Convenient Features: The swivel design allows the ear cups to lay flat, making storage and transport more convenient. Additionally, the detachable cable reduces the risk of damage and tangling, adding to the overall practicality of these headphones.

  • In-Line Remote and Microphone: The built-in remote and microphone provide easy access to music controls and call handling, making these headphones a versatile choice for smartphone users.

Who Should Buy the Sony MDR-XB800?

  • Bass Lovers: If your primary criterion for headphones is powerful, deep bass, the MDR-XB800 is tailored for you. These headphones enhance the bass without overwhelming the midrange and treble, providing a balanced and enjoyable listening experience.

  • Home and Studio Use: Given their size and design, the MDR-XB800 is best suited for home or studio environments where comfort and sound quality are prioritized over portability.

  • Durability Seekers: If you want headphones that can withstand daily use and offer a solid build quality, the MDR-XB800 is a reliable option that promises longevity.

Sony MDR-XB800

User Experience :

The user experience of the Sony MDR-XB800 headphones is generally positive, especially for those who prioritize bass-heavy sound. Here’s a detailed look at various aspects of the user experience:

Comfort and Fit

  • Comfortable Over-Ear Design: Users appreciate the over-ear design that completely covers the ears, providing a comfortable fit even during extended listening sessions.
  • Plush Ear Pads: The soft, cushioned ear pads and adjustable headband ensure a snug fit without causing discomfort, making these headphones suitable for long-term use.
  • Bulkiness: Some users might find the headphones a bit bulky, which can be less convenient for portable use.

Sound Quality

  • Powerful Bass: The standout feature of the MDR-XB800 is its powerful and deep bass, which is highly appreciated by bass enthusiasts. The Extra Bass technology delivers a punchy and immersive bass experience.
  • Balanced Sound: Despite the emphasis on bass, the headphones maintain a clear midrange and crisp treble, providing a balanced sound profile that suits various music genres.
  • Noise Isolation: The over-ear design helps in passive noise isolation, reducing ambient noise and allowing users to focus on their music.

Build Quality and Design

  • Robust Construction: Users generally find the build quality to be sturdy and durable, with a combination of high-quality plastic and metal components.
  • Swivel Design: The swivel design of the ear cups makes the headphones easy to store and transport, though they don’t fold completely flat.

Usability and Features

  • Detachable Cable: The detachable flat cable is appreciated for its convenience and reduced tangling. Users like the option to replace the cable if it gets damaged.
  • In-Line Remote and Microphone: The built-in remote and microphone add to the convenience, allowing users to control music playback and take calls without reaching for their device.
  • Lack of Wireless Connectivity: Some users may miss the convenience of wireless connectivity, especially given the prevalence of Bluetooth headphones in the market.


  • Sleek Design: The sleek and modern design, with a predominantly black color scheme and metallic accents, is well-received. The headphones have a stylish appearance that appeals to many users.


  • Size and Weight: While the headphones are comfortable for home and studio use, their size and weight make them less ideal for on-the-go use. They can be somewhat bulky to carry around, which might be a consideration for frequent travelers.

Overall User Feedback

  • Positive Reviews: Most users have positive feedback about the sound quality, particularly the enhanced bass, and the overall comfort of the MDR-XB800.
  • Value for Money: Many users find the headphones to offer good value for money, given their sound performance and build quality.
  • Specific Use Case: The MDR-XB800 is often recommended for specific use cases, such as listening to bass-heavy music at home or in a studio setting, rather than for general portable use.


The Sony MDRXB800 headphones are a great choice for bass enthusiasts looking for a powerful and immersive audio experience. With their exceptional bass performance, comfortable design, and solid build quality, these headphones cater well to listeners who enjoy bass-heavy music genres. While they may not be the most portable option and the pronounced bass might not suit everyone’s taste, the overall sound quality and comfort make the MDRXB800 a worthy contender in the realm of over-ear headphones.

Whether you are a bass head or simply seeking a pair of stylish and comfortable headphones, the Sony MDRXB800 delivers on multiple fronts, offering a satisfying listening experience that is hard to match in its price range.

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1. What is the sound quality of the Sony MDR-XB800?

The Sony MDR-XB800 headphones are known for their powerful bass performance due to their Extra Bass technology and 50mm driver units. They provide deep, punchy bass while maintaining a balanced sound with clear midrange and crisp treble. The overall sound quality is well-suited for genres that emphasize bass but remains versatile enough for various music styles.

2. Are the Sony MDR-XB800 headphones comfortable for long listening sessions?

Yes, the Sony MDR-XB800 headphones are designed with comfort in mind. They feature large, cushioned ear pads and an adjustable headband that provide a snug, comfortable fit. The over-ear design helps in isolating external noise, making them suitable for extended listening sessions without causing discomfort.

3. Do the Sony MDR-XB800 headphones have noise cancellation?

No, the Sony MDR-XB800 headphones do not have active noise cancellation. They rely on their over-ear design and cushioned ear pads for passive noise isolation, which helps to reduce external noise to some extent but does not eliminate it like active noise-canceling headphones would.

4. Is the cable of the Sony MDR-XB800 detachable?

Yes, the Sony MDR-XB800 headphones come with a detachable cable. This feature is convenient as it allows you to replace the cable if it gets damaged and also helps in reducing tangling. The cable is flat to minimize tangling issues.

5. Can you use the Sony MDR-XB800 headphones for making phone calls?

Yes, the Sony MDR-XB800 headphones include a built-in microphone and an in-line remote that allows you to take phone calls and control music playback. This feature adds to the convenience, especially when used with smartphone


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